Cashew is the most favorite nut of the people resulting in constantly increasing demand in the global market. International trade of the best quality cashew nuts is blooming with numerous exporters all around globe.

Cashew nut grows in a tree native to Brazil that came into existence commercially in the 15th century as first recognized by the Portuguese. Earlier, the cashew tree was grown to prevent soil erosion but, afterward, the seed found in the Cashew tree apple was recognized quite valuable for economies. The commercial cultivation of Cashew nut began in the 1960s, and later it became the top export oriented valuable commodity. Many Cashew nut exporters are available in the international market due to the growing demand worldwide. More relevant details about the topmost cashew nut suppliers present in the international trade and biggest producing countries are below.

Which countries are the top producers of Cashew nuts?

Top quality Cashew Nut Exporters

Originally, Cashew tree is native to Brazil, but sooner, production spread all over the territory once the economic value is recognized.The cashew tree requires a dry tropical atmosphere above 50 degrees Fahrenheit with a planting distance between 2.7 to 3.4 square miles and quickly inhabited on its own. The harvesting season for cashew nut is usually similar depending on the equatorial location of the producing country. The top cashew nut producing countries with figures in metric tons according to 2010 data are enlisted below.

  • Vietnam 958,000
  • India 695,000
  • Nigeria 580,761
  • Cote d’Ivoire 246,383
  • Brazil 220,505
  • Indonesia 145,000
  • Philippines 111,993
  • Tanzania 79,100
  • Mozambique 67,846
  • Guinea-Bissau 64,653

Who are the leading cashew nut exporters worldwide?

Numerous cashew nut exporters are there, among which Vietnam and India are the key holders sharing almost 90% share in the European market. Brazil has a 3% market share as the cashew nut exporter. No other cashew nut exporters, except for these shares above the 1% market globally. More precise details about the country leading as top quality kernels and raw cashew nut suppliers in the global market are available below.

Vietnamese cashew nut exporters

  • Vietnam is holding the largest share in the cashew nut export business. The United States imports the largest share of cashew nuts from Vietnam, other than India, Brazil, and more countries.
  • In Vietnam, up to 400 companies are in the cashew nuts export business, and the country consists of almost 150 processing units.
  • Vietnam is undisputedly the king in the cashew nut exporting industry that supplies majorly to Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Australia, and the Ivory Coast.

Indian cashew nut exporters

  • Cashew nut export from India has provided earnings of 566.6 million US dollars in the financial year 2020, which accounts for almost 65% of the kernels export internationally.
  • Several cashew nut suppliers in India are there and the most cashew nuts processing units are located in Kollam, Kerala.
  • Completely prevalent Cashew nut wholesale market in India is also available for fulfilling the nationwide demand. In India almost 0.24 kilograms of cashew nuts per capita are consumed within country.
  • Fiji, Papua and Polynesia the countries in Oceania also import cashew nuts from India in a large proportion.

African cashew nut Suppliers

African cashew nut exporters

  • Sub Saharan Africa consists the 57% of the cashew nuts grown all around world due to the thriving climatic conditions.
  • African Union is a growing cashew nut export industry facing the single obstacle of lower processing capacity.
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo is a producer of cashew nuts and the export from Central Africa.
  • Raw cashew nut suppliers in Tanzania are available in the eastern African part of the country. Several Cashew nut suppliers in Kenya that is also an East African country are growing in industry.
  • Cashew nut suppliers in South Africa provides raw and processed both type in the global market. Mali is a supplier of cashew nuts with several top quality dealers in West African Republic.
  • The number of cashew nut suppliers in Nigeria is also moving towards industrial growth after accessing the economic value of commodity.

Cashew nut oil exporting countries

  • Cashew nut oil is undoubtedly top-quality cooking oil made by pressing the nuts after taking out the outer skin and exported by many countries.
  • Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as Saint Kitts and Nevis, both of these Caribbean countries are the exporters of cashew nut oil.
  • British Virgin the island in Caribbean exports cashew nut cold pressed carrier oil and French Guiana is also in the exporting business of cashew nut oil.

According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe some quality standards are established for the cashew nut exporters in the European market. Similarly, the countries that are major cashew nut producers, including India, Vietnam, Tanzania, has also determined several quality standards for cashew nuts according to the grading, class, and color of the skin.

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